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Back to civilization

August 4, 2015

And back to the land of wifi and cell signals!

We had a jam-packed two weeks of 5000 kms in the car, lots of family time, and a bit of vacation mixed in.

I managed to somewhat stay on track in terms of running.

I didn’t maintain my new normal of 5-6 runs per week, but I did get in 8 total for the trip (so 4 a week). Not bad, but not enough to stave off the increased caloric intake of beer, wine, junk food, and a TON of barbecued meat.

I’ll share some memorable pics and notes the next few days, but today I wanted to share these photos of the run landscape at my brother’s near Chatham, Ontario in the heart of southern Ontario’s farming mecca.

Not a hill, not a bend or curve, not a car, not a sole other than me plugging away on the gravel road which severs corn field from soy bean field and the odd house here and there every kilometer or so.

The two runs I had at my brother’s place were among the most peaceful I have had to date. They were light, easy, simple and uncluttered.

I’m glad to be home and back to the East coast, but I’ll miss those easy cruising runs and I’ll miss my bro.


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