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A little crabby

August 28, 2015

This has been a fantastic summer. We, as a family, have had a phenomenal time hanging out on beaches and road tripping and cottaging and just being around the backyard playing and goofing around.

We went to a beach every single chance we got. At least 3 times a week and sometimes twice a day we’d hit the sand, play on the surf, swim in the sea.

I am a bit crabby when I think that it’s over. We head back to full time work next week. Routine, schedules, busy days and short evenings are ahead.

I also had a really fulfilling summer of running. I increased my run schedule, broadened my run routes, lengthened the runs, and logged a good number of k with my son.

And I get crusty and a little worried when I think about our busy schedules and how challenging it will be to keep up my morning run routine as the days get fuller and also darker and shorter.

My goal for this fall is to try to maintain four or five morning runs per week and fill the other morns with yoga to keep loose. I know this will be tough as a cooked crab’s exoskeleton, but it is important enough for my runhappiness that I think I can do it.

So here’s to a super summer of fun and sun and sand, but also to a complete autumnal season too. (Note: author is raising a glass of Sainte-Famille Marechal Foch in a toast-like gesture. Raise your own if you’d like to virtually clink glasses here. Cheers!)


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