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Uplift from sunrise

This morning was supposed to be a day off, but yesterday ended up run free, so I got up out of bed begrudgingly for an hour and a half run. I was immediately rewarded with a spectacular sunrise. My mood, pace, route, everything changed when I saw the blazing star rise. My chest lifted higher […]

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A little crabby

This has been a fantastic summer. We, as a family, have had a phenomenal time hanging out on beaches and road tripping and cottaging and just being around the backyard playing and goofing around. We went to a beach every single chance we got. At least 3 times a week and sometimes twice a day […]

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Wound up

Son of an expletive my hamstrings are tight! Yoga, some dynamic post-run stretching, lunges, nothing works these days to loosen them. They aren’t really painful or anything, just wound up and won’t relax until long after I’ve started my run. They also go right back to tautness like an elastic in the freezer when the […]

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Life of Pie

Last week, around Wednesday or so, we decided to order in pizza as the grocery situation was dire and the market was the following morning where we would restock on most fresh fruit, veg, meat, dairy, and carbs anyway. So, delivery it was. On Saturday, we had some friends visit from out of town. The […]

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When too much is too much

I got out for a casual 7k run Friday morning during our unpleasant streak of humidity. It was hot and sweaty, but uneventful. Then I got home and our two cords of firewood were delivered and waiting on our driveway. I solicited the “help” of my two kids and set to work lifting, moving, stacking […]

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No escaping it

The heat. The humidity. The bane of my running right now. Normally living in a coastal town like Lunenburg there is a fairly steady sea breeze to keep things temperate and comfortable. But, the last week here it has been stifling and this morning was brutal. There wasn’t a breath of air and I sweat […]

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