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Unfinished business

July 6, 2015

I have a terrible habit of leaving things unfinished.

In writing, drawing, painting, running, whatever the project, I habitually quit or change gears before the course is complete.

This is the 6th time I have started a run routine courtesy of Adidas MiCoach and I am desperately trying to make it to the end of it for the first of the 6 times. Every other one of these training schedules I have left incomplete or quit early or stopped because of injury.

This is the year that I don’t just sketch up an idea of what my run masterpiece will look like, but this is when I will see it through.

I set a hefty (for me) 4 day per week schedule that began about a month ago and will carry on through to somewhere around December 21st. That’s half a year of running. I will only view it as successful if I complete the full training plan.

So, I plan on painting this canvas slowly, methodically, and committed-ly. One stroke of a run at a time this sketched idea will come to fruition.

It’s high time I finish what I started.

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