Running vacation

Trying not to unhinge

July 15, 2015

I have been on a wicked run routine the past 3 weeks. I have been pushing five or six runs per week and feeling dynamite while doing it.

Problem is, we’re heading out for a two week road trip to Ontario and back and I am dreading losing this mojo I’ve gained.

In an effort to ready myself for this vacation, I have switched from evening to morning runs in order to allow me to be social (at least more so than if I were running while everyone is drinking beers) and I have packed all my run gear and few regular clothes.

I am hopeful that this routine won’t get unhinged, but know the reality of visiting friends and family and driving thousands of kilometres and spending hours on end in the car in a two week span will seriously challenge that hope.

It has come to this: I am worried I won’t enjoy my vacation because I may not be able to run as often as I’d like.

If anyone has some suggestions on how to keep on running while travelling, I would REALLY like to hear them.


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  1. To keep running while traveling: move in a forward direction, alternating left and right feet.
    All jokes aside, remember you’re in control of you. Just take 30 minutes a day even and just go, get out, and move. Tell everyone so it’s an accepted thing and just go!

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