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The colour of summer

July 10, 2015

Summer is rad. Gnarly. Epic. Even dope.

And the colours are equally so. The radishes, rhubarb, strawberries blazing in red. The lettuces, flowers, and chive florets awash in purple. The grass, trees, and sugar snap peas gregarious in green. And on and on the colours go.

But for me, the colour of summer is the purple, reddish pink, and orange of popsicles; the lavender purple of blooming hosta stems; the firey yellow-orange of the long days; the neon colours of children’s toys scattered about the yard as evidence of hours of play in the fresh air; and the two shades of green on my run hat: one light dry, and one sweat soaked dark.

Autumn is renowned for its colouration, but summer is equally up to the task of adding vibrancy to life.

One other colour of summer? The golden amber of a top notch India Pale Ale. Yum!

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