Suburban run

We lived in the burbs near Toronto for years before moving to Lunenburg, NS last year.

The suburbs were good to us, but we always felt a bit like fish out of water.

Coming back and running the area again there are a few distinct things I do not miss.

1. The traffic. Cars are everywhere.

2. The stop lights. I’m spoiled in Lunenburg in that I just hit the pavement and go until I get back home. Here, I run and then stop and wait for the light to change or the traffic to ease before crossing and continuing. And then I go, stop and wait, go, stop, go………

3. I may be a fan of running alone, but I am not so insular that I don’t say hi to people, especially other active folk. I passed 4 other runners this morning and said hello or good morning to each. Of the 4 only 1 even responded! The other 3 just kept on going. No glance, nod, wave, or any acknowledgement.

4. Polluters are everywhere! So, this isn’t just a beef with suburban morons, but all morons. This:


is utterly moronic! Who does this?!

I liked living here and could do so again, but I don’t necessarily enjoy running here. Like I said, I’m spoiled by what Lunenburg has offered us thus far.

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