Suburban run

July 22, 2015

We lived in the burbs near Toronto for years before moving to Lunenburg, NS last year.

The suburbs were good to us, but we always felt a bit like fish out of water.

Coming back and running the area again there are a few distinct things I do not miss.

1. The traffic. Cars are everywhere.

2. The stop lights. I’m spoiled in Lunenburg in that I just hit the pavement and go until I get back home. Here, I run and then stop and wait for the light to change or the traffic to ease before crossing and continuing. And then I go, stop and wait, go, stop, go………

3. I may be a fan of running alone, but I am not so insular that I don’t say hi to people, especially other active folk. I passed 4 other runners this morning and said hello or good morning to each. Of the 4 only 1 even responded! The other 3 just kept on going. No glance, nod, wave, or any acknowledgement.

4. Polluters are everywhere! So, this isn’t just a beef with suburban morons, but all morons. This:


is utterly moronic! Who does this?!

I liked living here and could do so again, but I don’t necessarily enjoy running here. Like I said, I’m spoiled by what Lunenburg has offered us thus far.

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