Running vacation

Rural run

July 20, 2015

So we’re on our road trip vacation to Ontario and I was able to get out for a 15k run in a rural area near Cornwall and discovered some very distinct nuances about running here versus Lunenburg.

1. The roads do not have potholes!  They are smooth and include paved shoulders!  This is a revelation.

2. Perhaps as a  result of the road quality,  cars (well, their drivers really) aren’t as gracious in the space they give you. They maintain speed, which is at least 20kph over the limit and they don’t move over to the other side like they do in Nova Scotia.

3. Deer flies are incessant little mother buggers! They chased me for every single step of the run.

4. Ontario humidity is oppressive. So much so that thunder cells pop up like blisters on a newbie runner’s heels. Bam! It’s there.

5. There are much fewer hills which is nice on the hamstrings. I love Lunenburg and running the coast, but there are some fun elements to rural Ontario running too.

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