Running well-being

Morning calmness

July 18, 2015

So, I made the switch recently from evening running to morning. While sunsets are spectacular and I really enjoy ending my day with head-clearing run, the mornings just seem to offer so much more.

In fact, it is how much less is going on that I really enjoy.

There are less people and cars and passerby which makes it feel like this is my town…I run it, so I own it. There is less wind usually which makes for an easier run, and for beautiful vistas of calm oceanic harbours. There’s less in my belly and so I don’t feel all bloaty and feel food sloshing around.

And there is less in my head. While running later in the evening is a nice way to digest the day…so is a beer! And in the morning, I tend to see things clearer, have a greater appreciation for perspective, and am not in that stressed out headspace. I can just focus on the run, my body, the view, the deer, the dew.

Morning running may just be the best running.


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