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A new run partner

July 16, 2015

I have written before about how I prefer to run alone. And I wrote about how awesome it is to have my son (who is 7 and a half) ask to go for a run with me some time ago.

Well…it has become a bit of a routine. A few times per week, after my run in the morning, he joins me for a post-run jog.

It is great. Plain and simple great.

He still chats a ton, asks a load of questions, wants something to drink every forty-eighth step, and talks about each car we pass.

But, the best part is, he runs! He enjoys running and asks questions about how to make his feet quieter and when is it a good time to walk and how far have we gone and do you think we should turn around?

They are the best runs.

He is the best run partner.

I do prefer to run alone, but these after-run outings (rundezvous?) with my eldest kid adding a few extra k to my workout and adding so much richness to my day… I could get used to that.


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