Textured Tuesday #1

June 2, 2015

Ever notice the way your pace will mimic certain songs when running to music? This only happens to me with very specific tunes (i.e. Modest Mouse Float On).

Or do you find yourself, like I almost always do, feeling lifted and light on your feet or excessively quick and agile when in a super good mood just prior to your run? Or just the opposite, sluggish and uncoordinated if stressed out or angry before hitting the pavement?

Is your run affected by the sun or lack of shine? Mine is.

Do you pick up on the peculiarities of the neighbourhood, the quirks of your town, the way certain streets feel beneath your feet or smells associated with that house on that little side street that leads uphill and out of town?

These are the textures of the run.  They are the intimate inward intricacies I embrace when running.

They are the intangible nuggets that enrich the running experience. After a run, I get home check the stats recorded on my Nike+ watch and my Adidas MiCoach app, drink some water straight from the tap without necessarily waiting for it to get cold, and then reflect on the textures of my run. I recall the details that can’t be measured by numbers and figures. I re-see the most vivid moments of the run.  The moments I was most in the moment.

The textures of the run are found in the nooks and crannies where you completely forget that you are pacing down and along a wet stretch of highway at 4:32 minutes per kilometer and have traveled 8.3k so far and have burned 640 calories and your lungs are working overtime and that stitch in your side is still lingering along with the nagging dull ache in your hamstrings from yesterday’s hill workout.  The textures of the run are alive then.

So here’s to the first edition of Textured Tuesdays.  Today, I’m sharing the texture of Monday’s perfectly glorious pink petaled smattering:


I hope to post a simple texture and accompanying photo each Tuesday from here on out.

Enjoy the textures. They are what keep me lacing them up and heading back out there. For me, they are the run.


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