Simple sun and run

June 12, 2015

There is a saying, an idiom, a turn of phrase out there that really kind of annoys me. Not for any reason in particular, I just don’t like it. Plain and simple.

It is “Sun’s out, guns out.” If you aren’t familiar with it (be thankful!), I guess it means you’re supposed to refer to your arms as guns and then remove your shirt or wear a tank to show them off and display your tough-macho-masculinity if it is a sunny day. I guess. But so many people say it without doing what it suggests.

I prefer to say, “If there’s sun, run.” It’s not as catchy or cool, but it is a reflection of what I like to do. If the sun is out, I’m going for a run outside. No hint of bravado, no artillery referenced. Just an indication of good weather and physical activity.

If there’s sun, run. Ok, I will. Peace.


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