Running at full sail

June 14, 2015

The weather has been great the past few days here in Lunenburg. We have had sun, mild temperatures, and only a spit of rain here and there. What we have had an abundance of is wind. It seems to be a rare day where there is only a slight breeze. Otherwise, wind is more the norm. That could be just one reason why this town has been such a historically famous place for tall ships and schooners that relied on the wind as the primary source of fuel.

And while running with the wind is a welcomed boost in the back, a guiding hand pushing you forward, running against the wind is punishment.

My favourite run takes me from Lunenburg out to the little fishing village of Blue Rocks on the edge of the world. It is a beautiful run, mostly flat except for two longish hills, and it hugs the coast.  On the way out to Blue Rocks, with the ocean on the right, the wind comes along from the side. But when rounding the bend at the bottom of one of the hills, it pushes back right in your face.  The last kilometer into the village and the end of the road is a fight with the wind. It is a struggle to maintain pace. It is a battle between two forces.

And then I reach the wharf and there’s only ocean ahead. Turning around and running back under full sail is such a great lift as the pace quickens despite less effort output. It helps make the second half of the run the “easy” part.

Running under full sail, cresting the peaks and valleys of the run with wind at your back is #runhappiness.

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