Run off course

June 11, 2015

We all have habits. Good, bad, ugly ones.

One of my habits is a common runner’s habit: route routine. I run the same basic 5 routes all the time.  There are a few variations to each that I do now and again, like a side street here, or an extra loop, additional lap, or tagged on kilometer there. But if I’m heading out to run, I almost always follow one of these five base routes.

I’ve got a route for hills, one for night runs, one for quick and easy jaunts, one for longer outings, and one for weekend or daylight “normal” runs.

This habit is about to be broken.

That’s right, I am challenging myself to chart a new course, set myself adrift, seek new pathways. I’m starting small with the achievable goal of simply adding 5 new routes to my usual list. I am going to run a new route each time I head out my next five runs. This should be easy right?

I hope I don’t get set adrift, or run aground, or need to pull out ye olde trusty sextant to calculate my global position when I chart my new night run course.

So, I’m off. I’ll let you know in about a week if I can quit this disgusting route routine habit and breathe some new life into my running.

Here it goes.

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