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Rookie Water Boy

June 7, 2015

I made such a rookie mistake today.

First of all, it was an absolute gorgeous day here in Lunenburg and as a celebration of the town’s 262nd “birthday”, there was a lot to do.  And we as a family did a lot. We went to the museum, checked out a few ships that were open to the public, including the Bluenose II, and we walked and walked around town. We then walked home and did a lot here too. We dug up a patch of dirt, weeded, planted our veggie garden and worked and played outside.

It was a very busy morning and afternoon.

Then, after all those hours of walking, gardening, and working around the yard outside, I decided to go for a run. Problem was, during all that time outdoors earlier, I had only consumed maybe 2 small glasses of water.

wpid-dsc_0082.jpgBy 6k of my out and back 10k run along the coast where there wasn’t a single step I took in the shade, I was really thirsty and couldn’t think of much else.

By 7k I was hoping to salivate so I could swallow the liquid and feel refreshed.

By 8k I considered heading down to the oceanfront in order to desperately gulp some salty sea water in an attempt to stave off my thirst.

By 9k I took long and serious looks at ditch water and tried to calculate the odds that I would actually consume a parasite.

By 10k I had that pasty white goop around my raisin-esque lips and thought I might just knock on a stranger’s door and demand access to their tap and I had to walk the last half kilometer home because I started to get a dehydrated headache and simply couldn’t stitch together another sequence of strides.

When I got home I went straight to the garden hose we had out from the earlier planting session and nearly drowned while gulping as much as I could and then splashed it all over my face and I wanted to just allow it to pour over me to cool me down, re-hydrate me.

I have been running long enough to know the importance of staying hydrated and the dangers of not doing so. BUT, I have never carried water with me on a run.  Not if I’m gone for 8k, 10k, even 14 or 17k.  And certainly never for a 5k. I am usually very good about consuming my fair share and then some of water during the day for it to not be an issue. Today, it was.

Plus, I can’t imagine trying to run with those water belt clip thingies or a platypus- or camelback-style water backpack. Doesn’t it just flop around?

I need to ensure that I either put off the run until I know I have been well watered, or I need to investigate some sort of portable water carrier deal. Either way, I don’t want to feel that agonizing thirst pang again.

Anyone out there have a water solution and want to share?


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