Looks can be deceiving

Before setting out on my run today, I took a peek out the window. I saw damp roads and a bit of rustling in the leaves of the trees. Ok, I thought, a bit of rain.

I geared up, set my MiCoach app and hit the ground running. Then I realized very quickly just how windy it is today (holding steady at 39kph and gusting over 55kph).

Yet, I plugged away dead into the wind and periodically grasping my hat being carried off my head. At about the 7k mark the rain got a little more steady and I countered with a bit more pace.

I stopped to snap two quick pics, which show none of the rain and wind I experienced.

When I returned to the dry safety of home, I looked at my run stats and while I felt like I was fighting the wind and it looked liked my foot falls were quicker…uh…they weren’t. The entire look and feel of the 15k run was deceiving.

I was deceived, and yet it was a really good “feel good” run. I had a blast punching back against the wind and feeling the rain and ocean spray whip against my face.

Deception isn’t always such a bad thing.

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    Sometimes runs like that are the best ones to experience. If at the very least you got enjoyment of the run times and goals be damned right?

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      T McMullen at June 28, 2015

      For sure! Forget the stats and be thankful for the run. I was also thankful to get out of the wind and rain when I got back. Good run, but glad it’s over.

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