In the weeds

June 29, 2015

These mid-schedule runs are the weeds. Especially, if you’re like me and have missed a few that you are desperately trying to fit back in to the calendar so you can claim you completed all the runs in your plan at the end of the workout block.

I feel pressure to get all the workouts in and now that I’ve allowed myself to get 2 runs backed up, I have to work that much harder to get out of the weeds and a clear view of where I’m headed.

I’ll try to beef it up and do 5 or 6 runs a week, but I’ve got to be honest with myself, it’s summer, it’s beer and bbq and get together late nights then sleep-in season…chances are high that I might get further behind. I don’t want to, I just know that the odds are likely.

So, here we go digging out of the weeds and trimming them down one run at a time.

If only I could harness a bit of gas power to whack them down.

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