Feeling the burn

June 4, 2015

Though it is June and the year is nearing the halfway mark, we are still having cool nights here that have led me to kick up the woodstove and chew through the dregs of the woodpile.

Last night was a damp, windy, 5 Celsius here in Lunenburg. The house cooled down considerably. I didn’t get out for a run after the kids got to bed as is my usual routine. Instead, the fire was going and I watched baseball and drank tea and ate dry Cheerios straight from the box and zoned out from the coziness of the couch.

Tonight is a breezy 6 Celsius. I decided to generate my own heat. I hit the hills for 30 minutes and am now typing from the couch and drinking water and trying not to let sweat drip onto my laptop.

I’ll leave the firewood be tonight. I’ve got my own burn happenin’.




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