Feelin’ roped in?

June 22, 2015

Sometimes I feel like I’m up against the ropes. Trapped in the corner and in a complete defensive survival holding pattern.

I may feel this way because of work, or family, or my own inner issues of self-doubt, but it happens once in a while. It is hard to explain if you’ve never had the experience, but it feels like tightness in your chest, lump in your throat, and small rodents doing handstands and back flips while breathing fire and juggling swords inside your stomach. Something like that.

This week I felt that way because I’m stressed about the most natural of natural stressors: money.

So what’s my cure for this feeling? I’ll give you one guess.

No. Though a scream or cry or screaming and crying while eating chocolate are good ideas, they aren’t my cure-all.

RUNNING! I prefer to leave all the shit that weighs on me or strangles me at the door. Lacing up for a run and hammering out 8k slices right through those tightening lines that want to lure me back into anxiousness or stressed-out city.

It’s important to note that I am not running to run away from what is bothering me, only I am running to do just the opposite. I run toward a solution or at least an understanding. Running is my time to take stock. It is my time to think and consider ways in which I may confront the problem of the day.

Running is my opportunity.

Whenever I feel a bit like my stress has me walking a short plank, I cut loose and run. I move forward to face life with vigor and find new pathways. I run and breathe and run and breathe.

Whenever I’m feeling boxed into submission and that beat up black-eyed dope on the ropes is me, a run is sure to help me punch my way back into the match.

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