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Can’t beet it

June 5, 2015

If you haven’t yet had fresh from the market beets raw or roasted or steamed instead of the 3-year old pickled tang of jarred beets, you simply haven’t lived.  Period.

Get out to your local market, run there! Get some beets, search out some recipes (Bon Appetit has a few dandies) and indulge in the earthy purple rich freshness. And don’t just compost those beet greens, either! They are killer sauteed and added to a pasta dish.

Sometimes my run route needs the same treatment.  Sometimes I need a fresh path, an uprooted route, a taste of something new to break from what can be monotony. Tonight I’m dashing down as many little side streets as I can and zig-zagging my way around Lunenburg to bring a seasonal freshness to my routine and to add perspective.  It won’t be a nice conveniently canned out-and-back or perfect loop, but it’ll be rewarding in it’s colourful grind.

Life changers those beets.

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