Running well-being

A matter of focus

June 25, 2015

Are you looking at what’s in front of your nose? Or are you looking beyond?

End of your nose

Yesterday, I felt great. Yesterday, I looked at my current state, my upbeat feel, my progress at this point in my training routine, my self in the mirror at that moment. As a result, I thought it would be a good idea to abandon the training schedule and go for a real quick push of a run. I figured since I felt so wonderful, I might as well churn out a fast time and good pace to further reinforce that high.

Mistake. I tried to run too hard, too soon, and on the wrong day. I ran quick, don’t get me wrong, but not as quick as I felt I was going. Not as quick as I expected to go. And certainly nowhere close to a personal best. In fact, I was only marginally quicker when I consider that the first quarter of my run was downhill. Instead of that mid-plan feel good high, I felt discouraged and had a moment of “Oh! Is that it? That’s all I have gained?” It made me doubt my training, my nutrition, my dedication to improving.

I looked at what was at the end of my nose and as a result walked dead-face-straight into a wall.

Rather than admiring myself and my run progress at that moment, I should have been looking beyond to the expanse of opportunity awaiting at the end of the training schedule.  I should have been focused on my commitment and faith in the plan.

So, from here on out to the bitter last run of this particular run schedule, I pledge to look beyond my nose, believe in the process and work to the end goal.

Starting now…#runhappiness

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