run happiness

May 20, 2015

So, hi, I run.

I’m not a runner of races. I’m not a group or run-club runner. I don’t run to lose weight or to fulfill a New Year’s resolution.  I don’t run with some faint hopes of winning a marathon or even competing in one.  I don’t run to prove something to myself nor do I run to prove something to others. I don’t run for health reasons, though I can’t deny that I do enjoy reaping the health benefits.

I run for the head space, for peace of mind, to mull over and digest the day’s offerings, to breathe deep, to be in those outward spaces, to feel awake, to relish the inward places, to remember and to forget, to count the foot strikes, to de-stress, to be alone, to think and to not think.

I run for the ideation that occurs when my mind is free, my body is at work, and when I am surrounded by the life and beauty of the outdoors.

Happy running.


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