Get your second-best foot forward

May 27, 2015

In our community, there really aren’t many instances of graffiti.  There are plenty of prime locations for a tag or Banksy-esque stenciled masterpiece, but for whatever reason, the sprayed signatures are quite uncommon in Lunenburg (and I might add that I like it that way!).  But this one:


“Noting but the best” has stuck with me since moving here 10 months ago.  I could never understand why I was so struck with this poorly executed, spelling errored, crummy tag. I ran by it again today. I stopped and snapped this picture. Then thought about it the rest of my 35 minute run.

I have never believed in the mantra of always putting your best foot forward. I think it is unrealistic to expect people to maintain their highest level of performance or their happiest or most productive state of mind. You simply can’t always have your best foot forward. You’d never learn to progress.

I think “not(h)ing but the best” is impossible. It is only when we are not at our best that we find the motivation, the fortitude, the stick-to-it-ness, and the inner drive for success that we can move forward. Paying closer attention to what we do with our second-best foot when the lead one stumbles is where we find our true character.  The measure of oneself is not whether you always put the best foot forward, it is whether you learn how to walk, run, and take leaps and bounds from the lessons learned by picking up the lesser foot.

With this idea, one is left with two best feet, both equally qualified to lead. That is how you leave a mark.


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