Fresh fuel, fresh mind

May 28, 2015

As a family who tries our best to be 100-mile dieters each summer, including our first summer of the challenge 8 years ago when we went all-in making sure that each ingredient we consumed was produced or grown within our radius for 4 months, this is one of our favourite times of the year.  From mid-May until November, we are blessed with a glut of fresh local produce at our Lunenburg Farmer’s Market. While the market is on all year and we try to get our meat, bread, etc. from our local vendors, the return of the gardeners and greenhouse farms and their leafy, crimson, and vitamin rich goodness is a welcomed sight.

I find the vibrancy of the colour, the relationships with the producers, and the immediacy of the freshness really does make for a higher-octane fuel.  My internal engine seems to run smoother this time of year.

I also enjoy allowing the in-season vegetables to take the wheel and drive the menu.  My recipe books, my Bon Appetit magazines and app get a lot more usage when I need to find savory meals for rhubarb and mustard green recipes and what do I do with all these radishes and pea shoots galore and what is a fiddlehead and… …

Happy eating plus happy mind & body always equals happy running.


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