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A shell game

After spending four months training for a marathon I didn't run, then several weeks with very little running at all, my cardio is but a shell of what it was just a short time ago. Sure, I can still run at a comfortable pace for 10-15k, but the effort seems greater, the lungs seem angrier, and there is no
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Staring back at me

Whenever I need motivation to get running, which isn't often these days thankfully, I just take a trip to the one and only mirror in this house (in the bathroom) . What stares back at me never lies or sugar coats it or says "yeah, you do deserve a night of chips and beer." The honesty in the reflection is
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Keeping it fresh

Sometimes, to simply squeeze in a run, I go out of my way to make it happen. Today I managed to fit a 10k outing in between work and kid-pick-up time. It was good to keep on schedule but it was better because it kept my running fresh. There are few roads and route options to run when living out here