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Go fog yourself

Living out here where the earth's edge embraces the ocean's limit we are blessed with magnificent vistas, angry storms, and wild, um, wildlife. My favourite times on Nova Scotia's coast, however, are when the fog infiltrates. The fog grabs hold here and challenges the sun to wrestle the sky from
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A Bright Spot

As I logged on to Happiness Runs Deep to type out today's post just a moment ago, I happened to take notice of the running tally of the number of posts I have blogged to date: 366. A year and a day's worth of posts. The bright spot in this run slump I'm in (and any un-run funk I've stumbled into the
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Pensive expanse

I have been un-running and I am losing my mind. I am less patient, more tired, and increasingly fatter. But more than anything, what I miss most about the run is the time to think. Without running I am low on energy and as a result, low on wit and synaptic ideation. Just another reason to lament the
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Well worn and worn well

Like my shoes, maybe the reason for my injury is just that I am getting a tad too worn. Maybe I pushed too far too soon. Maybe I should have been cross-training more. Maybe I didn't give the ankle enough time to heal properly after the first injury. Maybe I should have stretched more frequently. Maybe I