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Run to grow

Seeds need light and water to grow into plants. My seedling thoughts need the time in my head afforded to me on the run to grow into good, fully developed, complete ideas. After that initial run to flesh the idea out, subsequent runs will allow the complete idea to branch out into new little saplings
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Not yet crushing it

This time last year while living on the eastern edge of the country cruising along the coastal roads, I was crushing my marathon training. Today, this year so far, I have been crushed by thought of the run. I need to flip it back the way it was. I should put the pedal to the metal and smash my excuses
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Run tunnel vision

Sometimes, when in the midst of a long run that winds here and weaves there and lifts you up and around the hills, you get so attuned to the body and breath that tunnel vision begins, you ignore the screaming calves and the thirst to see only your form, pace, and kilometres remaining. Sometimes, when in
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Tag you’re it

I haven't been running lately. I have been spending my usual run times shovelling or playing in the snow with my kids or snowboarding or having a glass of cab franc with my wife or working or parenting or whatever. The time to run has been overwhelmed by the time to "everything else". So since I