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Pastoral pace

Running on rural roads with cows here, corn there, and hayfever everywhere has a warmth of character to it. The neat rows, worn fences, and the fresh (and, thanks to the cows, not so fresh!) air all have this throwback feel to another time. Now if it could just fast forward my
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Floor it

I'm trying to rebuild my run. Everything about it needs to change in order to get my ankle healthy and get back to where I was in May before it really got bad. So, I'm laying down new planks to build the run. I am working on altering my stride on my few runs a week in order to lessen the stress on my
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Summer light

This time of year the early mornings are filled with long shadows and rapidly warming or instanly dying wind. Afternoon running is out of the question. I don't like sun burns and heat exhaustion. And then evenings are long drawn out exhales of light as the breeze picks up again and late runs are
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Easy still

It's exciting to know that my slow 5k run yesterday was free of ankle soreness.  The hard part is taking it easy, finding something to do with stillness so as not to rock the boat or create any waves that'll crash on the shores of the un-run land. Writing this blog post has killed a few idle minutes,