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Noodley Limbs

You know it's been a tough run when afterward your legs feel like uncooked noodles and the next day your quads are still burning. That used to be the case for me after a 25-35 kilometre push or a serious hill session. Now, it's every run. Getting back into running shape is bloody hard! Especially
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Hippity hop

I am not a rap or hip hop kind of guy. I'm not into Kayne or Drake or Kendrick. But sometimes just to push the run to a new gear or shake me out of a casual rhythm, I'll be sure to have at least one old skool rap song on the playlist to inject a swagger and jolt me into moving faster. Grandmaster
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Towering task

Getting back to the fitness level, running form, and that feeling like I could stomp a 50k race like crushing an empty beer can that I had at the peak of my training in April feels like a towering task. In fact, when I think of the hours and hours I spent honing the run craft before the pathetic ankle
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August gold

I heart the Olympics. I could sit and watch the golden moments and the not so podium performances all day long. The athletic achievements are unbelievable and the limits of human speed and strength and skill are impressive, inspiring, at times incomprehensible. The golden moments this August will be
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Rural ride

Today was just the most perfect summer's day. There were two soccer games, a lot of sun, a family bike ride, Olympics watching, a breeze to rustle the trees and take the humidity out of the air, painting the kid's play house and their clothes and their feet, and an evening sitting on the front porch