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Towering task

I've had nearly four weeks of un-running since the knock on my noggin left me concussed. That's four weeks of lost cardiovascular fitness and lost progress. I have a towering task the next few months in order to prepare for my inaugural marathon in May. I would love nothing more than to be able to
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Fix the fade

When a picture has been on a wall for decades on end, it has seen a lifetime pass it by. And when that frame is taken down, there's only one way to repair the faded silhouette it had created and that's to start over, repaint the wall, change the image. When a runner has invested what feels like a
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Stand tall

We've had a nice re-introduction to winter this week and I am missing out on the cold weather running. I love this time of year. I find the heat of summer forces me to slump on the run and the humidity is weight on my shoulders. The cold air on the other hand lifts me up, straightens me up, and